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Scene restoration layout - clothing production and lighting

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Clothing production and cloth is the restoration of the scene after the completion of the latter part of the layout process, do not think that the final step is not on the heart, and often the more important to the last, today we talk about the scene of the restoration of clothing production and lighting problems The

When the scene is restored, you should pay attention to the wearing of silicone like wax. For all made of silica gel wax made of the human body, in the clothing production. We can use the method of decomposition of clothing to wear in the silicone like a figure on the body. Method is as follows: the production of T-shirt, only a sleeve and suture with the body, first put on a sleeve, and then put on the body, and finally put only one cuff, and then needle from the outer suture, which must suture Very particular about it. Can not make people see traces. Only to wear a clothing in order to set off the entire simulation scene layout, can be realistic, high-end atmosphere.

Scenario restored lighting arrangement

The lighting scene of the simulation scene is very important, the display of the simulation scene if you leave the light will be lost mysterious glory. When we paint plaster, we usually use the sketch lamp as the light source, so that the plaster is more intense and the structure is clearer. The simulation scene is also true. With the help of light, will make the simulation scene of the wax people more heavy, more vivid, more vivid. Texture is also more intense, for the original life of the wax figure has given life. Increased glory. Do not use the photo studio to shoot the security of the cloth method, the brand before and after all play full of light, this will make the wax works eclipsed, the effect of distortion.

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