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Repair of musculoskeletal

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How to do it in order to achieve realistic results, there are many aspects of the study should be in depth, wax level is very important level, however, musculoskeletal repair is the most important point, then how can the wax teacher to make the wax of the bones Muscle repair in place?

Custom wax

First of all, we first look at the demeanor to see how to do to achieve good results. If it is a smile expression, to relax the muscles, eyes of the changes and expression of muscle shaping more than if it is the image of laughter, the production of wax when the nasolabial fold, laugh muscle, buccal muscle and back mouth turns Muscle performance is full; if it is angry, serious emotions. Make the frowned muscle full.

In addition, custom wax process, but also the relationship between the neck and chest handle. At this time you can look down on wax, especially to observe the two arcs, one left and right frogs and eyebrows an arc. The other is an arc of the two buccal muscles and the orbicularis oculi muscle. These two arcs are important in three-dimensional shapes.

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