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Wax production: small details of the creation

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Want to create a realistic wax image, we must pay attention to the creative process of some of the details of the problem. Wax how to do to achieve realistic effect? Today, the small editor gave us a detailed talk about how the wax should be done in the process of how to deal with these details.

Wax production is a very large amount of work, that is, to deal with wax to stay in the wax surface and the inside of the bubble. This seems to be no way to do things. So how does the wax making work make the bubbles clean? Conditional in the wax can be used when the vacuum machine to the bubble in the bubble sleeves net, you can also use a heating method will be a bubble melting, and then the beginning of leveling, make up. Although you use a lot of energy, or may leave traces of repair, poor bubbles will affect the late work. After these remediation work is completed. Here is the time to re-shaping the.

Secondly, the freshness of the production of wax is also a technology live, how to do the production of wax to do this effect? From the manuscript into wax paper looks a fresh feeling, the surface is more uniform than the draft, regular, color and skin color is relatively close, the wax is more easy than the draft observation, you can from top to bottom, around, before and after , And so on.

How did friends do wax as you learned?

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