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What is the place where wax is made in China?

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What is the place where wax is made in China? Wax is a high simulation sculpture art, a lot of professional wax master must be on the wax as a multi-angle observation and comparison to start making. Then the place where the domestic wax is like these silicone manufacturers like to see how they are done, we take a look.

Domestic place to do wax

What is the place where wax is made in China? Silicone image manufacturers to compare the angle of the characters.

Domestic wax to do the place, when the production of wax like silk to be repeated changes. Repeatedly revising a place, such as raising the nose or reducing the forehead is very dangerous, the school will be added to them or reduced, and then must be more, careful hands. Sometimes feel like the forehead of the problem, in fact, the problem of cheekbones; sometimes feel long nose, the actual distance is short.

The production of the head is the most important part of the production of silicone manufacturers. In the head of the production of silica gel, to go through a long time multi-angle, multi-directional comparison, in order to countless decent connection into a complete, accurate, vivid image.

It is noteworthy that the wax image creation to this level has been able to see the basic shape, it is at this time, whether the shape is correct, whether the character meets the characteristics of the object, it is not easy to determine the need for more than a comparison.

In summary, the silica gel as the manufacturer must be the angle of comparison to produce a perfect wax.

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