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The ripe wax in the great revolution

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CBA Shougang foreign aid Marbury's personal museum has officially opened in Beijing. Strikingly, at the entrance to the museum, a 1: 1 Marbury wax was erected.Wax is an outbound product. In the West, wax has a very old origin. However, the real maturity of the wax art was accompanied by the bloodyness of the French Revolution of the 18th century, closely related to a woman who was called "Madame Tussauds".

Cuba Babylon has a wax portrait technology
Wax, as the name suggests, is to use wax to make portraits. Of course, the real wax making skills, far from being so simple!
However, that one thousand, Tao ten thousand, the core of wax or wax (with the development of technology, there are a small number of chemical materials used to make wax). And to explore the origin of this material with wax, can be traced back to a long time ago.
According to historical records, as early as the ancient Babylonian people to master the wax portrait technology. In ancient Egypt, people in the funeral ceremony, the wax statue was placed in the grave. Ancient Greek period, people held in the religious etiquette of the time, there are often wax statues show them.
By the fourth century BC, the king of Macedonia, Alexander Alexander had asked him to do the wax.
There is a facade of ancient Rome, the aristocratic family will be in this festival, the wax made of ancestors die out.
In the Middle Ages, Europe used waxes for witchcraft, and the church had already made waxes for the believers and commemorated the emperors and great men with wax. Such as the image of the church of Anujusida in Florence, Italy, became the incarnation of the late emperors and great men.
In the Western Renaissance, the use of lost wax made of bronze badge like, Antonio Abbon Dior was the prestigious wax artist.
To the 17th to the 18th century, Spain, Italy, color wax sculpture popular popular moment, while wax production is also extended to the medical, with the production of wax plastic model to replace the body. Sicilian Gaetano Giulio Zambo, who worked with the French surgeon Deschurch to make human anatomical wax. During this period, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and some European countries, has produced a lot of fine wax.
In 1770, the first temporary waxy pavilion was opened in Paris, France, where the wax appeared in a fixed form of display. In 1776, the Swiss wax artist Kurtius in Paris, France, Versailles, the temporary display of the royal family members of the large court dance on the colorful, pleasant, lifelike, lifelike.

The experience of Mary
However, the real maturity and development of wax art is closely linked to the name of Madame Tussaud. Her superb wax production skills, shrewd business promotion mind, and legendary life experience, so that she deserved to become the first person in the wax sector.
In December 1761, Madame Tussauds was born in Strasbourg, France, when her name was Mary Maglautus. Mary's father died before she was born, and it was still a mystery about her father's life experience. Mary called her father a descendant of a Swiss aristocratic family. However, it was also speculated that Mary may be her mentor - Dr. Philip Kortisi's illegitimate daughter. Some people say that this speculation is not Kaopu.
In any case, when Mary was young, her mother took her and came to Bernese, Switzerland, for the German doctor named Philip Kortis. Dr. Curtis should be the most important person in Mary's life, not only for Mary to provide the source of food and clothing, but also taught her how to make wax.
Dr. Ketisi has been through the wax for human medical research, he is also the master of the production of wax. French aristocratic Prince Kondi in the residence of Berne, occasionally saw some of the works of Cortis and wax figure. Prince Kondi believes that the stone made by Curtis has a high artistic value. He also said that if Curtis was willing to move to Paris to make a wax, he would not only provide him with shelter for help, but also let the Curtis get more royal family members and nobility support.
Under the trade mark, Curtis finally decided to give up his career in Berne, moved to Paris, specializing in wax making. Prince Kondi did not go back, he let Ketisi met a lot of French nobles and celebrities, and for them to make wax.
Mary and her mother also went to Paris with Kurtis to settle down. Soon, Mary began to learn with Katis to make wax, as Curtis's assistant. For whatever reason, Curtis liked the little girl and gave himself the skills he had learned. And Mary does have this art talent, but also to learn wax production has great enthusiasm. 1778, 17-year-old Mary completed his life in the first complete wax carving, was sitting in front of her model is the famous Voltaire!
At that time, Kurti Si wax salon has been famous, countless passing French celebrities in Paris will be here as a visit to the attractions, including King Louis XVI's sister Elizabeth. Elizabeth was three years younger than Mary, and she liked the clever girl, and invited Mary to her own art teacher in her mansion. Young Mary moved into the magnificent Versailles Palace, became the king sister of the boudoir close friend, and therefore met a lot of French upper aristocracy.

"Madame Chieftain" witnessed the French Revolution
Mary lived in Versailles for several years and watched the luxury of the French royal family at close range. Many years later Mary admitted that he had had some kind of premonition, the French court of this excessive luxury and waste, and perhaps will pay a huge price.
Sure enough, in 1789, the French Revolution broke out.
When the French Revolution came, and the nobility of the royal family of marriage almost escape death. Save her out of the ghost of the door, it is her love for the production of wax art skills. According to the British writer Kate Bridge wrote "wax myth: Madame Tussaud's life and legend," a book revealed that when the Bastille was captured the day, Mary scared to see a man with a spear lug The two heads went to her house, the head of the bastille and another official.
However, the man did not drag out the execution of Mary, but asked Mary for the two heads made "death mask" wax figure. Since then, the head of the French aristocracy has been sent to Mary's home, these commissioned by the production of "death mask" wax was taken out of four exhibitions and publicity. Curtis and Mary know that after the Great Revolution in France, they want to survive, must be for those who were killed by the aristocracy to create "death mask" for the revolution to carry out publicity.
In 1793, Jacobin sent Robespierre in power, then France entered the history of the famous terrorist period, an average of 26 people were sent to the guillotine every day. Since the beheaded nobility was so much, later, Curtis and Mary even reached an agreement with the chief executioner, as long as he cut off those "public enemies" head, we must inform them, so that they In the head was buried before the timely production of "death mask". When Louis XVI was executed in 1793, his body was immediately escorted by armed guards to a lime-filled grave, and Mary said in his memoirs that before Louis XVI's head was buried, The head of the blood was made of wax, and the elephant of Louis XVI was later exhibited in the horror house of Madame Tussauds in London, England.
However, since Mary was still identified as a royalist, she and her mother were later imprisoned in a woman's prison. Greet her the same is the cold guillotine, the executioner even cut her long hair ahead of time.
But in July 1794, they were miraculously released. This time, the French nobleman's head of the French patriarch Robertspierre was also cut his head, his head was also sent to the Mary home, waiting to be made wax. Robertspier's head wax is one of the most authentic and cruel wax figures of Madame Tussauds in England.
Also in 1794, when Curtis died, he left all his possessions and waxes as an assistant to Mary. 33-year-old Mary quickly hastily married her 26-year-old Franco Toussa, became Madame Tussauds.
Mrs. Tussaud's wax became a witness to the French Revolution, and she was even dubbed the "guitarist".

Madame Tussauds celebrates the world
Madame Tussaud's marriage is not happy. In 1802, Madame Tussaud took her eldest son, and her wax came from France to England.
Madame Tussaud formed a "wax elephant caravan" tour in the UK, several carriages filled with the French Revolution man of the elephant. The wax show from France, for the British show that bloody big times, greatly welcomed by the public.
Madame Tussaud passed the whole of England as a horse fleet. Before going to a place, she will book the use of the hall in advance and the time, and in the local newspaper wantonly advertise, after the arrival of the poster. In order to gain a foothold in the UK, she began to make the British royal family celebrity wax and local celebrity wax to narrow the distance and the audience. It is also one of the marketing strategies of Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum around the world today.
In London, Madame Tussaud was soon known and appreciated, and her talent was universally accepted by the British people. British writer Charles Dickens in the novel "old antique shop", described in a wax tour tour of the Lady Chatter, the role of the prototype is Madame Tussauds. Dickens praised the wax art like this: "If the wax can speak or move, you can not see the difference between it and the living."
Madame Tussauds traveled with two sons and waxes in England for 33 years and settled in London in 1835. Because the 74-year-old Madame Tussaud no longer can not bear the journey of fatigue, the first fixed Madame Tussauds Wax Museum was officially born here. "When a visitor enters a rich lobby in London's Baker Street, he will find an old woman sitting here, and when she is sitting there quietly, you will even think of her as a wax. , A person who regarded himself as an exhibit. "This was a description of Madame Tussaud in a British tour guide in 1842. At the age of 81, Madame Tussaud made the last wax in her life - herself.
In 1850, 89-year-old Madame Tussauds passed away, ending her long and extraordinary life. After her death, people rumored that she was buried with £ 50,000 pounds of jewelry buried. Two of the culprits tried to steal the jewels, but they clumsyly rang the bells, causing the Tomb to end in failure. In 1851, London held the first World Exposition, nearly a million people into London, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum became the most attractive tourist attractions.
After the death of Madame Tussauds, the eldest son inherited the cause of her wax. A fire in 1925 burned a lot of wax in the London Pavilion, but the mold survived, and many wax products were remodeled. In 1940, the Wax Museum was completely blown up in London bombing, the staff desperately rescued a very small number of wax, including Hitler wax. The London Pavilion we see today is the postmodern reconstruction.
Today, people can visit the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London, where their branches are also located in cities in other countries, and Madame Tussauds has become the loudest name in the world's wax museum.

do you know
How the wax is made
Wax Museum of each statue of wax, have a strict character files, in full accordance with my body, body, looks to create.
Some people have to perform a direct sketch, and the height, head shape, limbs for specific measurements, such as the distance between the eyes, the width of the mouth, the size of the ear, as well as height, shoulder width, waist circumference, the size of shoes The The whole head to measure 20 to 300 data, take 2 to 3 hours. Margaret Thatcher, Pavarotti have made models for the wax museum. For the creation of South African President Mandela's wax figure, Wax Museum expert experts, with a computer analyzer, to Cape Town for Mandela color identification, and visit his inauguration ceremony to observe his dynamic and clothing, from the master The most informative information.
And then to produce a statue of the head of the clay, and then use gypsum to produce a mold, the melted wax into the mold, such as wax and then remove the mold, a wax on the head of the initial shape. Then, be careful to insert into the teeth and eye model on the wax image; and wax to the head when the hair, the wax was once again heated to make it slightly soft, hair need to insert one by one into the wax head, this process Sometimes it takes a few weeks. The last job is to paint a layer of human flesh on the wax.
Wax production is completed, but also to wear clothes like wax. Each character usually love to wear clothes need special. And these must be provided by the relevant departments of the authority, detailed data and image information.
Making a wax usually takes three to six months. There are many details of the production process, such as most of the wax hair, to choose and my hair is very close to the hair, and then an implant. But also to carry out maintenance, like a real person every month to wax like shampoo.
Visitors and wax directly in contact with the wax will cause a certain degree of wear. Shanghai Madame Tussauds Wax Museum has a group of experts from different nationalities, including stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists, who are responsible for the maintenance and make-up of the wax after the day of closing, to ensure that the next day before the opening wax The best state.
A complete celebrity wax, the production costs of about 1 million yuan. This high cost comes from the complicated process of making wax.
Wax in the end to fine to what extent? Whether it is a small S eyebrow on a scar, crooked nose, or Julie on the shoulders of the tattoo, and even Ronaldo right knee slender scars, will be exposed in front of the audience.

Big world "not like" the wax museum
Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum has always been known for its exhibits, and every statue is exactly the same as real people, and even the hair is not the slightest deviation. However, the Lufthansa Wax Museum in Norfolk, England, is the opposite, and there are 150 exhibits, all of which are very different from reality, and only one or two are similar, while others are not identical. A person to visit, have to rack their brains to guess who the prototype in the end.
Strangely, the Louis Touza Wax Museum business is very hot, every day a lot of people come here to visit.
The Louis Touza Wax Museum was built 58 years ago. Once, a staff member of the American rock artist Elvis Presley's wax was put out, and this statue is just scrap, Elvis's face swollen, look dull, and live a far cry from reality. Unfortunately, from the museum to the staff, even no one found this error. A young man who came to visit was very surprised to see the exhibits, he took out the camera, facing the "Elvis" Kuangbu, and then, these photos published in the newspaper, and big grumble: "God This wax is really so bad, this is the worst wax I've ever seen!
Watching the overwhelming negative reports, as well as the visitors, the operator did not remove the exhibits that did not like, but the decision will be wrong, all the exhibits are made changes, so that they are one by one and the prototype does not match.

Because each piece of exhibits is not like the prototype, Louis Dusa Wax Museum was named the world's "worst wax museum." Although this call sounds not so wonderful, but it is so fame, attracting more people in the world to visit.

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